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Prioritizing your health:

Health is wealth. This is not just a proverb but has more reality based implication than anything else. There is no denying the fact that people across the world today are more focused on increasing their earnings in order to match up with the growing inflation and the growing monetary needs of their families. While working hard is essential, giving your health priority is even more important considering the huge healthcare costs that you will have to otherwise bear. Also, only when you are healthy and your family is healthy, the purpose of working hard and earning would be achieved.

Prioritizing your health is no doubt essential. For this, you can primarily start with regular health check-ups.  When going for regular health check-ups, it would be better to go to the doctor always so that you are comfortable as well as the doctor understands your medical history better. This will help in better medical advice to you. Many people hence, choose a General Practitioner (GP) for themselves and for their family and regularly visit their selected GP for any medical advice and for their regular health check-ups. Choosing a good GP is therefore important as well as necessary.

Health care service in the UK:

Health care in the UK is predominantly provided by England's Public Health Care service known as the National Health Service (NHS). NHS provides healthcare to all permanent citizens of the UK free at the point of use and later paid from the general taxation. As the service is free of cost, there are waiting lists of people lined up to avail the services. If you are willing to pay for regular health-care, the private health care service of the UK can be your alternative. There are also the private online clinics that offer expert consultations with next day delivery of any prescribed medicines. Read More...

Bacterial Vaginosis - An Explanation

What is bacterial vaginosis?

Our bodies are naturally prepared to maintain their inner balance. After millennia of evolution, they have developed structures and metabolic processes that are meant to keep us healthy and functioning. These mechanisms have to be stronger in the parts of our bodies that are more exposed to the exterior agents such as germs and dirt that may cause disruption in our health. Most of our body is covered by a protective layer that is the skin, but certain parts are not completely sealed and thus they can be in a closer contact to the external environment. This is the case, in example, of the mouth, the ears and the vagina.

Female inner genitalia have several natural barriers that protect them from harmful germs and other threats to their health. For example, the vagina has a balance of different kinds of bacteria that live inside of it without harming the body. If this balance is broken, certain bacteria reproduce inside of it and change the microbiology of the vagina. This causes unfortunate symptoms, but the biggest danger is that these bacteria can spread out throughout the pelvis and cause illness and even death.


Vitamin D Deficiency Common in Men with Erectile Dysfunction

The Effects of Vitamin D on Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be described as the condition in which the penis of a man regularly fails to produce an erection that is strong enough to achieve and/or maintain sexual penetration. Not only does erectile dysfunction puts a man in an awkward position, it can also damage his self-esteem and have negative effects on the relationship. A recent study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates that there is a relationship between the level of vitamin D in the body and erectile dysfunction. According to this study, a vitamin D deficiency in men can increase his risk of erectile dysfunction.

The body uses vitamin D to maintain normal blood levels of phosphorus and calcium which it uses to form and maintain strong bones. So, how exactly does this affect a man’s ability to have an erection? Well, a lack of vitamin D in the body spurs the production of free radicals known as superoxide icons. These ions deplete nitric oxide in the body which helps the blood vessels in the body to function properly. Nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to relax and under normal circumstances, a man is able to get an erection as nothing is interrupting the blood flow to his penis. However, a lack of nitric oxide may cause the blood vessels to not relax prohibiting the flow of blood to the penis. It is therefore argued that increasing the level of vitamin D in the body should act as a preventive measure against erectile dysfunction. This has however not yet been proven. You can refer to this article for further information on this study. Read More...

HIV Testing Breakthrough

Living with HIV

The progress of medical sciences has managed to beat, or at least control, many diseases that have haunted humanity in the past. One of the most recent epidemic infections that threaten the health of world population is HIV, a virus that affects the immune system and may lead to AIDS. 

The dangers of HIV aren't only about the infection itself, that can potentially kill people if they are untreated. Misconceptions and discrimination have always been a big obstacle in fighting HIV. However, fear in these cases can be removed by education, because it is based on things that aren't true. HIV/AIDS have been seen as negative for as long as they have been around, and there is still heavy judgement upon them. Myths have spread that HIV is linked with homosexuality, racial differences and even divine punishment on sinners. These ideas cause people to take distance from the matter in fear, and push away people diagnosed with HIV, making them marginal.  Read More...


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