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Vitamin D Deficiency Common in Men with Erectile Dysfunction

The Effects of Vitamin D on Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be described as the condition in which the penis of a man regularly fails to produce an erection that is strong enough to achieve and/or maintain sexual penetration. Not only does erectile dysfunction puts a man in an awkward position, it can also damage his self-esteem and have negative effects on the relationship. A recent study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates that there is a relationship between the level of vitamin D in the body and erectile dysfunction. According to this study, a vitamin D deficiency in men can increase his risk of erectile dysfunction.

The body uses vitamin D to maintain normal blood levels of phosphorus and calcium which it uses to form and maintain strong bones. So, how exactly does this affect a man’s ability to have an erection? Well, a lack of vitamin D in the body spurs the production of free radicals known as superoxide icons. These ions deplete nitric oxide in the body which helps the blood vessels in the body to function properly. Nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to relax and under normal circumstances, a man is able to get an erection as nothing is interrupting the blood flow to his penis. However, a lack of nitric oxide may cause the blood vessels to not relax prohibiting the flow of blood to the penis. It is therefore argued that increasing the level of vitamin D in the body should act as a preventive measure against erectile dysfunction. This has however not yet been proven. You can refer to this article for further information on this study.

Pros and Cons of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

In the meantime, if you are a man and are suffering from erectile dysfunction, your immediate solution is the use of erectile dysfunction drugs. The most common ED drugs are:

Cialis  also known as tadalafil


Viagra also known as sildenafil


Levitra also known as vardenafil


These drugs work by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the body to stimulate the flow of blood. If the amount of nitric oxide can be increased by increasing the vitamin D level, then men would not have to use these medications as they do have some inconvenient side effects. 


This is the most common side effective. The sudden change in blood flow caused by the increase in nitric oxide can result in headaches.

Aches and Pains

ED medications normally result in different types of aches and pains in the body, especially in the lower back.


The sudden increase in nitric oxide can also result in dizziness. 

Changes in Vision

Eye sight is also temporarily altered and the way things are seen might be changed for a while until the medication is out of your system. 

While ED medications have some side effects, recent studies have also shown that the prolonged use of ED drugs can lead to the improvement of certain heart conditions. This specifically has to do with men who suffer from left ventricular hypertrophy. According to this Medscape article, 24 studies were conducted with 1622 individuals with heart condition. 954 of these individuals were treated with PDE-5 inhibitors which includes viaga, Cialis, and Levitra. The researchers therefore suggest that ED medications can be offered to men with cardiac hypertrophy and earl-stage of heart failure. As with all drugs, there are some side effects to using ED drugs to improve heart conditions but the side effects would still be there if the drugs were only used for ED.

Cialis versus Spedra

For year, Cialis has been an established market leader; however, many men are now turning to Spedra because it has a faster onset of less than 15 minutes. On average, needs about 30 minutes to one hour to become effective. Some men have even reported that Cialis works best after a few hours. 

Below is a comparison of Cialis and spedra:





  Proper drug name   Tadalafil    Avanafil
  Time taken to start working   30 - 60 minutes   15 - 20 minutes
  How long it works   For 36 hours   From 4 to 12 hours
  Common side effects (usually mild)    Headache, muscle pain, indigestion, congestion, flushing, dizziness    Headache, flushing, nasal and sinus congestion, back pain

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